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tv   Action News  ABC  October 29, 2014 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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>> ♪ >> "action news." delaware valley's leading news program. with matt o'donnell, tamala edwards, karen rogers and with matt o'donnell, tamala >> ♪ >> good morning everyone. it's 6 o'clock, wednesday october 29th and here's what's happening. >> a bucks county community comes together to talk about the hazing scandal that wiped out their football season. >> today marks two years since superstorm sandy devastated parts of the new jersey coastline. >> a routine rocket launch erupts instead into an enormous fire ball and some local students experiments also went up in the flames. >> let's head outdoors and indoors for weather and traffic with david and karen. good morning. >> all right, guys, we're you have to a somewhat cloudy start. as you take a look at satellite there may be some sunny breaks early on through the morning but eventually we'll see those clouds get thicker and some rain out to
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the west but most of that is trailing off to the northeast and is not a big issue for us today frankly. 62 degrees in philadelphia right now and in wilmington, so we are off to that mild start. winds right now are fairly light, 52 degrees in allentown. mid 60's down at the shore. and as we catch the bus over the in excouple of hours, well, it's going to be a little bit cool but not all that uncomfortable. not as chilly as yesterday. temperatures hovering near 60 degrees between 7 and 8 o'clock. if you're getting to school and then wondering what it's going to be like on the way home, not a bad idea to have that storm tracker 6 app on your smartphone. 61 degrees by 8 o'clock, by noon 66. we'll get a high of 69 today probably around 2 o'clock. by 3 o'clock on the way home from class, 67 degrees. all the way down 59 by 6 o'clock. slight chance of a spotty shower as we move through the afternoon and evening. when i step inside much cooler air right around the corner in the accuweather 7-day, karen. >> all right, dave. we've got a new problem right on i-95. this is a live look at the betsy ross bridge. you see that southbound
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traffic, a disabled vehicle kind of off to the side right there. we see it slowly trying to work its way out of the region but we've got police on the scene, all off the shoulder on i-95 southbound at the betsy ross bridge. not jammed just yet but we're slowing at cottman and girard and i-95. let's switch over to center city. we had an accident there, was blocking a lane, then they moved it to the gore pointer and now it's cleared. this is the vine street expressway eastbound at eighth street. all lanes opened and traffic moving better right there. but an accident involving an overturned vehicle causing a problem here. dillworthtown road is blocked near brinton lake so watch for this one. police are on the scene with this accident. street road, 926 is a good alternate for that one. one more look here northeast extension northbound between lansdale and quakertown. we had some construction. it's clear and now we're seeing speeds like 62 miles an hour so looking good there, matt. >> okay, karen, thanks. parents students and administrators after central bucks west met for the first time since word of a hazing scandal broke. it led to the cancellation of the last two football games and the suspension of all
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football coaches. "action news" reporter katherine scott is live outside the school in doylestown with more on what happened at the meeting. katherine. >> reporter: matt, football players, parents, coaches, administrators, it was a crowded meeting last night. some there believe the school district overreacted with their decision but the school district stood by their decision saying hazing of any kind won't be tolerated. last week central bucks west high school saw the last two football games of their season canceled amid hazing allegations. last night, a school board meeting was held and passions ran high. the superintendent went over accounts of freshmen and sophomore rookie initiations at the end of a preseason picnic in august which followed a scrimmage. no adults were with the players when the alleged hazing took place. the superintendent says powder was thrown on wet players in the locker room. there was another act students called waterboarding. >> water was poured over them in the shower. all this occurred with players fully clothed.
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the last activity was called "slap it, lick it, grab it or fondle it." >> reporter: all of the football coaches were suspended. at the meeting head coach brian hensel was shown an overwhelming amount of support as some expressed that the punishment didn't fit the crime. >> these are the times we live in. we do not condone this behavior. we actually -- we teach them respect and teamwork. that aggressive action had a ripple effect on the reputation of these coaches and these men. >> reporter: coach hensel called this incident isolated and said his staff never fostered a culture of hazing. >> i love my players, i love the parents and i love my coaches and i'm grateful for them. >> reporter: and the district said its code of conduct will be reviewed by all teams and locker room supervision will be discussed with all head coaches. we're live in doylestown, katherine scott, channel6 "action news." >> thanks for the update, katherine. the hunt is on for a hit and run driver in delaware county. the car struck a pedestrian along the 500 block of
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conchester highway in boothwyn at 7 o'clock last night, then the driver took off. upper chichester police have not released the victim's condition or identity. >> ♪ >> it is now 6:05 and today marks two years since superstorm sandy slammed into new jersey bringing along with it flooding and a lot of misery. many communities have bounced back from that initial devastation but some are still rebuilding on this seconds anniversary. erin o'hearn is live at the big board. she's got more on all of that. good morning, erinism good morning, tam. a long and exhausting two years for many of the families in communities ravaged by superstorm sandy and these arrows you see over the jersey shore taking days after the storm are sort of a grim reminder of just how powerful and destructive this storm was. it is still shocking to see some of these images in the widespread destruction in our area. one town that was particularly hit hard was mystic island. after sandy hit it was 7 feet under water and more than 4,000 homes were damaged.
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now t-on any street here you can still hear hammering which is progress. more than 50 percent of of the most substantially damaged homes have been rebuilt but of course there are still plenty of empty lots and abandoned homes. many people in this town like single mom valerie who has a 14 month-old lost everything and says two years of battling with fema and insurance companies has taken its toll. >> i've had to get three jobs and support him and i'm on my own and my mom has been staying with me 'cause her house got destroyed, too. so, i mean, the emotional distress is just hard like on the whole family getting back to normalcy is hard. we're working on it daily and we're getting there but it's going to take some more time. >> so, clearly a lot of progress but so many families who still have a lot of rebuilding ahead of them. tam. >> okay, thank you, erin. and our coverage of the hurricane sandy anniversary continues on
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we have a feature showing areas hit by sandy both before and after the storm. the photos of the destruction left there in the storm's wake. investigators hope to know soon what caused an unmanned rocket to explode seconds after launch. it happened from wallops island in virginia shortly after 6 o'clock last night. the antares rocket was unmanned and no one was injured. it was supposed to deliver supplies to the international space station. it was also careying science experiments from ocean city high school students. we'll have much more on what exactly was destroyed in all those experiments coming up at 6:30. >> when you buy an unlimited data plan to your smartphone, shouldn't it be unlimited? well, that has a wireless carrier in trouble. maribel aber is lie at the nasdaq in times square with more on this cell phone showdown. maribel. >> reporter: hey, good morning to you matt. well, the ftc is suing at&t for slowing the speed of the internet. so the government alleges the company cut internet speed by as much as 90 percent for some
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customers on unlimited data plans. the practice is called lot ling and more than 3 million customers were affected. at&t criticized the legal action and signaled that it was ready to fight it. wall street waiting to hear from the federal reserve. the fed is expected to end its late of the round of financial stimulus and maybe give a lint on interrates. stocks rose in yesterday's trading but the dow gaining 187 points. google under takes a search of its own. the company's life sciences division is experimenting with ways to detect cancer. it's focusing on aware rabble device that would monitor the nanoparticles of the body. the search for a cure to cancer is part of google's efforts to make healthcare more proactive rather than reactive. that's the latest in business news from the nasdaq market site. back over to you, matt and tam. >> thanks maribel. see you later. >> yeah. >> all right, so, nice day today. little cloudy but still mild and this time of year you're looking for mild, right. >> sure. >> storm tracker 6 live double scan right now shows us that there's a bit of precipitation off to the north and west that as i've been describing this
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during the morning it's really streaking off towards new york state and not pushing toward the east so much. might see some of that a little bit later on today. as we take a look outside, we have sky 6 looking at center city. a fair amount of clouds upstairs although some early sunshine is certainly possible. i do think clouds are going to be part of the package today, though. 62 degrees in philadelphia currently. just 52 in allentown but all of these numbers pretty mild for this time of year and this time of morning. i'll go ahead and bring in that always-on day planner for you on the left hand portion of your screen for those of you who want to glance ahead to the afternoon. 64 right now down the shore. so, everybody comfortable as you step outside. winds are on the light side and these numbers aren't too bad. in terms of that rain, future tracker 6 is picking up that stuff that i just showed you on radar but as you can see it kind of skirts to the north and east. poconos maybe get clipped by a little bit of that during the morning hours. future tracker takes us into the afternoon. that is a cold front starts to push through there is the possibility of a little trailing shower behind it but most of what we're going to get today is very few and far
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between and if you do see something very light precipitation, okay. by 8 o'clock it's pretty much getting off the coast and we might even see some clearing overnight. allentown's high today is 65 degrees. not too bad. mostly cloudy. a spotty shower possible and winds will start to turn out of the northwest and pick up a little bit in the afternoon up in allentown. that high of 65 up north, by the way, is probably going to be struck a little after lunchtime and then temperatures settle a little bit through the afternoon. 68 is the high at the shore. mostly cloudy, a spotty shower and in philadelphia, a high today of 69 degrees, which isn't too bad, although with that front coming through, we'll probably hit this fairly early in the afternoon, say, around 1:30, 2 o'clock and then you'll see numbers start to fall a little bit. it also gets more blustery in the afternoon with a 10 to 20 miles per hour wind. sole, 61 by 8 o'clock, 65 by 11:00. there's your high at 2 o'clock, 69 and then we start to fall from there and by 5 o'clock we're all the way back into the low 60's. and you can kind of see where those winds are going to go today, too.
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little bit blustery during the morning hours. and then you can see how they turn out of the northwest as that front gets past us by 2 o'clock. so, obviously change is on the way in the wind direction and it will also be a little blustery at times. tomorrow it's going to be a bill on the cooler side behind that departing front with high pressure coming in. we'll see a mix of sun and clouds tomorrow. chillier weather on the way. your seven-day forecast, 69 mostly cloudy today, a spotty sprinkle or shower. most stay dry. more sun tomorrow, cooler, a high of 60. we're looking at sun in the morning on friday, halloween. clouds will build as the day goes on and we get a cool high of 58. but it looks like if we see any rain it's not until very late at night after trick or treating is over. 54 an saturday, a bit misleading, that's in the morning. we'll fall into the 40's during the afternoon and it will be kind of brisk. we get an extra hour of sleep on saturday night and then brisk and chilly on sunday. >> so we're even. >> right, sure. >> thank you david. 6:11 now. creek closer. molten rock levers its mark on residential parts of hawaii and keeps on moving.
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>> the first state takes its first step in fighting potential cases of ebola. karen. >> we're live in delaware county checking out the blue route here at i-95 where traffic is moving nicely at this point with no delays but we are starting to slow down on the schuylkill expressway. we'll take you there live next. >> the mystery of the bones unearthed in south jersey. that's later on "action news". >> ♪ are you busy?
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>> ♪ >> looking down shore into atlantic city. six:14, 62 degrees, clear right now, maybe some spotty shower activity later in the day. >> spotting a slowdown here karen. >> yeah, this is one of the first spots you'll see that. this is the westbound traffic on the schuylkill at city avenue starting to slow down a little bit here and also eastbound starting to get some building volume there between the blue route and the curve and montgomery to girard but i've got to say it's actually a pretty good morning commute so far. we've got one accident out there. it is a nasty one involving an overturned vehicle here. this is dillworthtown road blocked between brinton lake and westtown thornton road. you can stick to street road or 926 to avoid the problems at dillworthtown being shut down. other than that just some construction that's out there right now burlington county on the turnpike northbound between exit 5 and six blocking two lanes, left lane and center lane and that's still for about another hour or so, so that may slow you down a little bit. on the turnpike southbound that construction there has cleared.
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let's take a look at the weather. 62 degrees right now in philadelphia and 62 is our usual high for this date. not bad to start you off at this hour. it's not going to be as mild as it was yesterday when we hit 76 degrees but nonetheless a high of 69, not bad. we're going to see lots of clouds and a spotty shower so watch for that when you're coming home a little later on this evening but it shouldn't be a big deal, matt. >> thank you karen. the river of lava on hawaii's big islands could begin consuming a second structure. a two story house in the village of pahoa. lava already has burned down an empty shed. officials say at least 50 or 60 homes and businesses are in danger of the lava stream now. the natural disaster is from the kilauea volcano which began spewing in june. the lava has torched land 13 miles across. >> happening today, delaware governor jack markell and state health officials will outline what steps delaware is taking to responds to the ebola virus. the state has not had an ebola case but delaware hospitals and healthcare organizations
6:17 am
are ramping up plans for how top handle any suspected cases that pop up in the first state. as with other states in our area, several delaware hospitals are conducting training programs for staff to make sure they're prepared should they face any ebola patients. a friend of boston marathon bombing suspect dzhokhar tsarnaev was convicted of lying to federal agents during the investigation. officials found he lied about going to tsarnaev's college dorm room with two other friends who removed evidence. his attorney argued he was high on marijuana and was confused at the time. he faces up to 16 years in federal prison when he's sentence in there january. >> 6:17. forensic experts try to unearth the mystery of skeletal remains found during a pool excavation in south jersey. >> also allentown police hope new surveillance video will lead them to a couple of armed robbers. david. >> i've got jackets on the kids this morning but it's not all that brutally
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uncomfortable. a the love us are in the 60's with light winds. a jacket still probably not a bad idea. this afternoon they might be able to get away with t-shirts for a little while. we'll have ♪ with the card accepted by 90% of doctors and
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how much you qualify for, the ways to receive your money...and more. plus, when you call now, you'll get this magnifier with led light absolutely free! when you call the experts at one reverse mortgage today, you'll learn the benefits of a government-insured reverse mortgage. it will eliminate your monthly mortgage payments and give you tax-free cash from the equity in your home and here's the best part... you still own your home. take control of your retirement today! ♪ >> 6:20 and chopper 6 just arrived over some breaking news. a house fire that looks like it's under control which is good news for the occupants and the people that own these structures. this is the 300 block of fillmore street in riverside,
6:21 am
new jersey. the flames were coming from that brick box structure, looks like it might be a multiple dwelling but we don't know for sure and the flames were going through the roof. firefighters arrived on the scene and knocked it down. no word on whether anyone was inside or whether anyone was injured. >> hm. >> typical scene right there in that residential area. time to check the traffic elsewhere around the region. let's show you what it looks like on the boulevard past broad street a little slow approaching the schuylkill but not a big deal. southbound traffic headed towards fox street and you're moving okay. in moorestown burlington county spruce avenue will close at magnolia court from 7:00 until 3:00 today. they're working there and that's going to cause some restrictions so stick to maple avenue as your alternate and dave, mass transit is on time. >> pretty nice morning, karen. we have temperatures about 60 degrees. winds light for now in most spots. down the shore a little breezier. by 9 o'clock we'll still be in the low 60's. 66 degrees by noon, though and we are going to get mild today
6:22 am
but it's one of those kind of weird days where our high of 69 is not going to hit at 4 o'clock where we've been getting our highs a lot of the recent days. instead we'll see it early in the day around 1:30 or 2 o'clock and then those numbers are going to fall. it's because a cold front is coming through during the day. also mostly cloudy skies today, mainly dry but there is the chance of a spotty shower, all right. most of you probably won't see that, though. green aircraft on the big board, little fog in orlando. otherwise no rain anywhere in our most frequently traveled destinations. tam. >> okay, thank you, david. another day, another data breach story. here's the latest. this time it's the cape may llewes ferry. it put passengers credit and debit card information at risk and the breach has been nearly a full year. someone installed malware on the payment system for both the terminals and the boats. customers are urged to check their statements. ferry officials say they have since updated and enhanced their security system.
6:23 am
>> sixers open the regular season tonight against the pacers in indiana. nerlens noel is expected to play. the rookie center led the league in blocked shots during the preseason. flyers picked up a big win over the stanley cup champions l.a. king. that's former king brayden schenn scoring the game winner and pushing the goalie into the net as well. at first the refs ruled no goal but then reviewed the play and gave it and jonathan quick threw a temper tantrum. what? flyers win three to two, their third straight victory. >> a show of passionate hockey. a surprise. it's 6:23. next and new here at 6:00 what caused a pregnant babysitter so she says to snap. >> katherine scott has the public's prongs to a hazing investigation at a bucks county high school. katherine ima school board meeting held last night after local high school. we're live in doylestown with what was said at that meeting coming up at
6:24 am
6:26 am
>> crews digging a hole for a swimming into burlington county backyard made a gruesome discovery. they found a skeleton in the gruesome discovery. 600 block of bank avenue. state police forensic expert will determine the age of the bones. some believe they could be more than a century old. >> new details are emerging about a babysitter's brutal attack on an infant.
6:27 am
lisa weil sorry charged with attempted murder. the woman who is a mother of two and pregnant herself confessed to the crime admitting she choked the child and slammed her head on the floor because the baby wouldn't keep her food down. the infant remains in critical condition. police in allentown released this surveillance video in the ongoing search for a pair of armed robbers. one of the suspects shows the clerk a gun before the bandits get away with more than $500 in cash. this happened last night at a sandwich shop on north fourth and tillman streets. no one was physically hurt during that holdup. >> 6:27 and a hazing scandalous a boiling point with parents at a bucks county school. >> also when we come back students from south jersey watch in horror as all of flames in just minutes. we're following the investigation into the failed rocket launch with local ties.
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>> an unmanned rocket blows up on blastoff. new video is coming in from the launch site while a second supply ship takes flight overnight. >> sounding off on high school hazing. parents weigh in on the scandal that cost a bucks county football team the rest of their season. >> only on "action news," a tipster who helped police track down a convicted kidnapper and child molester says the people who promised her cash rewards aren't paying up. >> good morning out there, it's 6:30. let's find out how you should get dressed today with dave murphy and of course karen has an eye on your roads. good morning. >> that mild air we enjoyed yesterday is still in place this morning. take a look at cloud cover. there is a bit of it around on satellite. we'll see some sunny breaks. that rain to the west is very slowly moving toward the eastly by the time it gets here it's kind of falling apart but we'll allow for a sprinkle or shower this afternoon. 62 degrees right now
6:31 am
philadelphia though so we're on the mild side. 62 in wilmington. 52 in allentown. one of the cooler spots. but even that 52 is good for this time of year. and winds, they're not all that strong this morning but they are coming out of the southwest. there aren't any gusts out there. most of your winds are in the single digits as you can see but watch what happens a little bit later in the day. we are going to see those winds turn from the northwest and then temperatures are going the start dipping later. so, here's what to expect. by 8 o'clock, 61 degrees. by noon, 66. our high today will be 69 but we're probably going to get that around 1:30 or 2 o'clock this afternoon before dipping back down to 67 at 3:00 and then all the way down to 59 by 6 o'clock and again that's because we have that front coming in. the winds turning out of the northwest about halfway through the day and that draws in cooler air. speaking of cool tomorrow looks a lot chillier and that pattern continues straight through the weekend. i'll have details in the accuweather 7-day. karen what about roads? >> they're dry right now, maybe a spotty shower later as you have been saying but for
6:32 am
now we're looking good. it is starting to jam up. this is a life look at 95 at cottman jamming from academy to cottman and again from the betsy ross bridge to girard. a slow go on 95. accident involving an overturned vehicle causing a closure on the border of chester and delaware counties. dillworthtown road is blocked between brinton lake and westtown thornton road. stick to street road, 926 as your alternate and a new accident popping up here in hamilton township mercer county on 295 southbound right at i-195 and they're blocking the right and left shoulder at this point so watch for that accident scene. we talked to police in cherry hill. they're telling us that traffic lights are out so cropwell road and kresson road you want the watch for that. a little tricky at that intersection and the report of an accident checking in stratford township camden county white horse pike near webster avenue, it's been kind of a quiet morning commute but now just a few things going on out there right now matt. >> karen thanks. we have an update on our breaking news story. chopper six still over the scene of this house fire in
6:33 am
riverside, new jersey. it started at 5:45 this morning, so about 45 minutes ago and as we had thought from seeing these pictures earlier, it is under control. placed under control about seven minutes ago. it's on the 300 block of fillmore street. the flames are shooting through the roof but firefighters arrived and were able to put it out. no word on any injuries. doesn't look like much damage took place here but that doesn't mean there isn't any internal damage so we'll try and find out that information for you later on. >> also breaking overnight, a russian rocket is on its way to the international space station just hours after a failed attempt in america lit up the night sky. take a look at this brand new video. the successful launch over kazakhstan. the regularly scheduled mission is now critical on the heels of the cargo crash off the coast of virginia. let's go over to "action news" reporter erin o'hearn live at the big board with that part of the story. good morningism good morning, tam. this is an unmanned rocket which blasted off the nasa base in virginia carrying supplies to the international
6:34 am
space station but you can see just seconds after the liftoff, the rocket actually erupts into an enormous fire ball. now we're also going to show you something from a different perspective. watch this cell phone video which is posted on instagram, as terrified families look on. (explosion). >> reporter: now the rocket was carrying a science experiment designed by teens from ocean city high school in new jersey. their project was only one of 19 selected to be on board and was intended to test the rate of bacteria growth on food in the absence of gravity. now, fortunately no one was hurt but clearly a group of students from ocean city watching the launch in virginia were traumatized. the cause of the explosion is unknown at this time but an executive at the private firm that contracted the launch said things started going wrong immediately and it was likely the staff center a destruct message to the
6:35 am
rocket. now, the focus is on the cleanup which nasa says is no light task. >> this is an accident site and it is a rocket. and it has a lot of hazardous equipment -- or hazardous materials on board that people should not be looking for. >> reporter: this accident is likely to draw criticism over the space agency's growing reliance on private u.s. companies in the post shut seller are a. nasa is paying billions of dollars to orbital sciences and space-x to make station deliveries and's counting on those companies to start flying u.s. astronauts in 2017. but this disaster certainly heartbreaking for all of those students and nasa who put so much work into this project. tam, back to you. >> okay, thank you, erin. and this has been the most viewed story on our web site we posted raw video from the incident as well as photos of the explosion and the aftermath. >> the public had its chance to weigh in on a high school football hazing scandal in bucks county.
6:36 am
"action news" reporter katherine scott is live outside central bucks west in doylestown with more on what parents learned and said at last night's meeting. katherine. >> reporter: matt, last night's meeting got heated at times. there was outrage from some parents who believe the district handled this situation very poorly but the district stood by its decision to cancel the rest of the season saying that the action was tough but it was necessary. last friday, the homecoming game was supposed to be played on this field, war memorial field here in doylestown at central bucks west high school. that was canceled. their final football game was set for this coming friday. both were canceled amid the hazing allegations and all of the football coaches were suspended. at last meeting head coach brian hensel was shown a tremendous amount of support from some who say the district overreacted. the superintendent, though, says players had participated in preseason hazing that included rookies grabbing another player's genitals while fully clothed.
6:37 am
another activity referred to by the players as waterboarding covering to the superintendent involved place ing a towel over rookies heads and pouring water over them in the shower while the fully clothed. some disagreed as district officials gave their accounts. board members said hazing of any kind won't be tolerated. >> the misconduct including inappropriate physical contact in an intimidating and humiliating nature that led to the suspension was not trivial as some have suggested and was certainly not harmless. >> you hear the administrators saying they're developing a plan now. well, it's too late now. this happened. shouldn't have happened and it happened. the punishment far outweighed the crime. >> reporter: and the school board says that will it hand over the findings of its investigation to the bucks county district attorney's office to see if there is any criminal misconduct. we're live in doylestown, katherine scott, channel6 "action news." >> thanks, katherine. >> ♪ today marks two years since superstorm sandy devastated the jersey shore leaving beach communities in
6:38 am
ruins. officials in toms river township plan to update the restoration of ortley beach. the township has received more than $3 million in recovery funds for businesses to rebuild and for homeowners to elevate their beach front properties. made landfall nearby in brigantine 7:30 p.m. two years ago. >> what a day that was. >> yeah. >> what a couple weeks afterwards. some people were without power far inland for at least that long. as we take a look outside storm tracker 6 live double scan and we have some precipitation well out to the north and west of philadelphia trailing up towards the poconos and new york state. not an immediate issue for us. as we take a look outside, we have cloudy skies with some breaks over the shore. might see some early sunshine but as the day goes on, we're going to see at least times of the day where it's pretty cloudy out there. as we take a look at numbers, 62 degrees right now in philadelphia. the winds out of the southwest beginning to pick up a little bit now at 9 miles per hour and down along the coast a little bit higher than that, low teens in most spots.
6:39 am
going to go ahead and bring in that always on day planner for you in case you want to glance ahead at where temperatures are going. in terms of precipitation today all of that stuff to the northwest straight up until about the lunch hour appears to be in the poconos and then there's the possibility that after about 3 o'clock or so we start to see some light sprinkles pushing a little farther south into the region and maybe a couple more of those coming through at dinnertime. by about 8 or 9 o'clock though looks like most of this is off the coast and obviously not a lot out there. so just give you a heads up if you see any rain out there, probably isn't going to wind up being all that steady and it shouldn't last all that long. future tracker 6 now handling temperatures. we're going to go from now up until about 12:30 or so and notice how we are up to about 63 degrees in allentown. we might go a couple degrees higher than that. same thing in reading. but at 12:30 early afternoon hours, we're going to see those numbers start to drop. so your highs up in the lehigh valley probably around lunchtime or so. we're looking close to our high at 69 at 2 o'clock in philadelphia but again, the cooler air comes through so a
6:40 am
high in and around i-95 probably more like early afternoon hours, one, 2 o'clock. down the shore, you'll wait until later in the afternoon to get to those highs. as we roll through the day, 61 degrees by 8 o'clock, 65 by 11 o'clock. there's that 2 o'clock high of 69 and then by 5 o'clock, all the way back down to 61 degrees and into the 50's pretty quickly after that. 69 is your high in philadelphia and wilmington. just 65 in allentown nd it looks like mid to upper 60's down the shore today. then tomorrow frontal boundary is off the coast, high pressure out to the west. the flow of air will be out of the north and tomorrow, yeah, partly sunny skies probably a little more sun but cooler air in place with a high of only 60 degrees. your exclusive accuweather 7-day, 69. i'm going to call it mostly cloudy today but that doesn't rule out a period of where we could see a little bit of a brighter sky cover. there's also that spotty shower chance. more sun and cooler tomorrow, 60 degrees. and then for halloween, sun in the morning, clouds gathering at the day goes on. looking at that cool high of 58 degrees with temperatures falling through the mid-50's
6:41 am
during the evening hours when you're trick or treating. if we get any rain it will be late at night after trick or treating is over. on saturday, windy, a shower even a period of rain or two on saturday. looks like kind of a dreary day. that high of 54 is misleading. that will be early in the day and the afternoon will be falling through the 40's. sunday also looks brisk. >> bundle up. >> yeah. >> it's 6:41 and we're following several developing stories including conflicting reports about the future of the ferguson, missouri police cleve. >> and there nfl fan who went missing during the middle of a game turns up alive but the mystery of where he went only deepens. karen. >> looking live here at 422 past oaks you could see that that eastbound traffic pretty jammed from oaks to 23. already a 12 minute ride which is a good five minutes delay and building. we'll check some slow speeds on the schuylkill and i-95 and have an update on a couple of accidents when we come back. >> we'll get do the bottom a you'll only see here on "action news." that story next up.
6:42 am
6:44 am
>> 6:44. breaking traffic news now with karen rogers. >> chopper 6 over the intersection of cropwell and kresson road. traffic lights are out. police on either side. not allowing traffic to get through at this point, police are on the scene. they're directing around this. again this is cherry hill cropwell road and kresson road. we can see that the traffic lights are out in this area. we can see that the traffic to help you out with this but we can see there's a backup here. it's a busy area. you know what cherry hill is
6:45 am
like and even at this early hour we're seeing people back unas they have to make this turn here, cropwell road and kresson road. watch for the traffic lights out. chopper 6 is overhead and police are directing you around that. white horse pike near webster avenue we've had an accident there that has since cleared. things moving a little bit better. but 295 southbound at i-195 we've got this accident right here that's causing a little bit of a problem in hamilton township. it's off to both sides. the left side and the right side. so, watch for a little slowing on 295 southbound. on the big picture on i-95 southbound 18 miles an hour at cottman as well as girard so a slow go there. schuylkill expressway down to 10 miles an hour from the boulevard to past belmont particularly heavy there. eastbound 30, 6 miles an hour near montgomery and 14 as you head towards south street so getting a little slow there as well. outside on the schuylkill you can kind of see this traffic here at montgomery drive. that's your eastbound traffic headed towards center city. pretty heavy from the blue route to the curve and montgomery to girard so slowing down there. 62 degrees right now in
6:46 am
philadelphia. that's our normal high for this date. and here we are at this hour reaching it. so, not too bad. it's mild out there right now, tam. >> thank you, karen. there are conflicting reports on the status of ferguson police cleve tom jackson. the department responded to rumors about his resignation in a tweet overnight. colleagues said the chief has not been fired and that he has not been asked to stepdown. critics blasted jackson's handling of the michael brown case and all the public unrest that followed after. the man who vanished during half time at last week's broncos game has been found. paul kitterman was wandering unharmed in a shopping complex in pueblo about 100 miles south of denver. he supposedly told police he likes going for long walks. police do not suspect foul play. kitterman's family has not commented either. he disappeared when he left his seat at half time back on thursday saying he was going the meet some friends. >> now an "action news" exclusive s is the woman who gave philadelphia police crucial information that led to the arrest and conviction of a sex offender says she has only received a fraction of
6:47 am
the reward money. a jury convicted christina regusters of kidnapping and raping a five year old girl. more than $100,000 had been offered kline you hadding money from sen hardy williams, jerry mondesire and from the fraternal order of police. the confidential informant says she has barely received any of this. >> hardy williams office was very like arrogant. >> reporter: really? >> very arrogant. very arrogant, very nasty. unbelievable. >> the spokesman for senator williams says the senator plans to honor his pledge. john mcnesby of the fraternal order of police says no one made a claim for their reward but the organization will pay. mondesire has yet to respond to our calls. >> 6:47. we've been showing you this incredible video of that "good morning america" will be live with new details on the investigation. >> "action news" is sponsored
6:48 am
by west chester university. distinguished and affordable. lear
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>> time now for a look ahead to what's coming up on "gma." >> lots of stuff on that antares rocket explosion. good morning, amy. >> reporter: that's right, matt and tam, great to be with you both on this wednesday morning and coming up we are going to be talking about the latest on that explosion of the rocket filled with cargo for the international space station.
6:51 am
we are live at the nasa flight facility in virginia where that failed launch took placely we'll have all of the latest. then kaci hickox the nurse at the center of the ebola quarantine battle is back in her home state maine but she's saying she's not going to abide by the state's quarantine. we'll hear from casey and her lawyer. the unlimited data plan with a catch. the government says at&t is isn't delivering its promises with over 3 million customers dealing with slower internet speeds. we'll have much more on that. and then an abc exclusive. duck dynasty star jeff remember robertson speaking out about the health scare that almost cost him his life. the real life medical mystery and how it could happen to you as well. all coming up next on "good morning america." matt and tam back to you. >> looking forward to the show. >> chopper 6 shot in cherry hill new jersey. busy area this time the morning. the traffic lights are out at
6:52 am
cropwell road and kresson road. you can see police are on hand. they've got flares out there kind of blocking traffic. it's creating a bit of a backup at this intersection so be careful. you might want to head to evesham and springdale road. those are your best alternates. let's check out things in bucks county, route 1 and old lincoln highway reports of an accident we're looking into right now. a disabled vehicle on the roosevelt boulevard portion of route 1 northbound near halderman avenue. watch for that one. a quick look outside in chester county, 30 bypass eastbound jamming up dave. >> i guess a couple years ago on this date we were looking at a lot more than just one traffic light out weren't we? that cherry hill problem this morning. as we take a look at the kids we're dressing them with a jacket this morning even though temperatures are in the low 60's in a lot of neighborhoods and there's not a lot of wind out there. this afternoon they could probably get away with t-shirts at least for a little while. if you're going and running errands it will be milder this afternoon again, 62 by 9 o'clock, 66 by noon. 67 by 3 o'clock. we are going to get a high of 69 today but it will fall earlier in the day probably around 1:30 or 2 o'clock and
6:53 am
then a cold front sweeps through and those temperatures start to drop. 59 degrees by 6 o'clock and a slight chance of a spotty shower as we go through the we'll be back with your top this is ceo tom macarthur's world. in macarthur's world, he opposes new laws to ensure women receive equal pay for equal work. and macarthur opposes a woman's right to choose backed by a group that would outlaw abortion even for rape and incest. for us in the real world, aimee belgard. aimee will fight for equal pay and protect a woman's right to choose. aimee belgard's on our side. i'm aimee belgard and i approve this message.
6:55 am
>> top stories at 6:55a private unmanned rocket exploded right after liftoff
6:56 am
off the coast of virginia last night. among what it destroyed, a science experiment for the international space station designed by high school international space station nasa is warning people to stay away from the wreckage deeming it highly hazardous. officials in toms river new jersey plan to update residents today on the work being done to restore ortley beach. superstorm sandy left the community in ruins. the storm made landfall in brigantine two years ago today. >> we have a new problem on the schuylkill expressway eastbound here at university avenue. you see this disabled vehicle blocking the left lane. penndot just pulled up on the scene. already jammed eastbound from the boulevard to university. and chopper 6 over the scene in cherry hill. this is cropwell road and kresson road. the lights are out here. so we're seeing the backup now in this area much evesham road and springdale road will help you around it dave. >> we may have a fair amount of clouds at times today but overall temperatures are treating us well. 62 by 9 o'clock, 66 by noon and we'll get a high of 69 around 2 o'clock before genderly falling back into the upper 50's by dinnertime.
6:57 am
could be a spotty shower but dry most of the day. >> fascinated about that story the lava in hawaii. >> yeah. >> they'll have that on "gma," a lot of other things but of course you want to stick every 30 minutes we'll have weather traffic and breaking news updates. we hope you're off to a great wednesday. >> see ya'. >> "action news" sponsored in part by the jeff d'ambrosio auto group. destination downingtown minutes from king of prussia and main line featuring chrysler dodge jeep ram mitsubishi and vw. chrysler dodge jeep ram mitsubishi and vw. if you want it ryan costello went into politics. in 2001, doctor manan trivedi joined the marines. trivedi served as a battlefield surgeon in iraq. costello served himself by voting to raise his own pay. and while trivedi cared for patients in pennsylvania, costello gave millions in government contracts to his campaign contributors -even as he cut funding for child abuse prevention. in congress, only trivedi will do what's right for you. i'm manan trivedi, and i approve this message.
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. good morning, america. breaking overnight, a mass i have explosion. >> oh, god. >> the rocket heading for the space station with supplies turning into a fire ball at lift off. the blast visible for miles, even from above. how did a routine mission go so horribly wrong? the nurse forced into quarantine now refusing to stay in isolation in maine. defying authorities. what will they do. we talk to her this morning. >> i thought i was a goner. >> jeb robertson opening up about a medical mystery. collapsing from a seizure, rescued by his brother. it's an abc news exclusive. and from the